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366 Broadway

The proposed development at 366 Broadway consists of 58 dwelling units across 4 stories. A moderately sized lobby, accessed from Broadway, is proposed on the 1st floor; and expansive amenity spaces are proposed at the walk-out basement level and rooftop. There is no vehicular parking proposed for this project. The basement will house up to 58 bicycle spaces, or 1 per unit, with at grade access via Thurston Street. An additional 4 exterior bicycle racks, or 8 spaces, are proposed on Broadway for short-term bicycle parking. Amenity spaces for the residential uses include private balconies for approximately 1/3 of the units, a common roof deck with green roof, a main lobby, storage spaces, and common spaces. The building has been set back from the property line on Broadway and Thurston Street to create 12’-0” wide sidewalks to enhance the public realm. Additionally, new street trees, decorative permeable pavers, bike racks, streetlights and plantings are proposed, along with infilling of curb cuts on Broadway and Thurston Street. The project will be both LEED Gold certifiable and Net Zero Ready.


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